Must click photos for the Brides – Bridal encyclopedia..!!

Must click photos for the Brides -Bridal Encyclopedia!!

Nevertheless of your bridal preparations and reminders, there is a very small chance of missing things.Primary of them is Photos, fail to click a picture on the right moment with the right person.Actually, there are zillion lots of poses can be taken to say.But let’s filter it based on priority.Here is a list of posed shots that a bride miss to click them away out of exaggeration and frustration.

#1) With your Bridal outfit

A gloomy picture of your outfit alone hanging somewhere around , doesn’t seem to trigger your memories aftermath.So, it’s best to click a Stunning picture in your best bridal outfit.

15844722_1810452185887880_5613786404232391780_o (1)

Photo : Aarudra photography


Photo : Iswarya Photos

#2) Home sweet home and Mandap

Officially, a last picture in your heavenly made home. And a perfect picture of your mandap.

15896403_1248045885290480_7142852476923026958_o 15844480_1248048208623581_5288346699986349650_o 15800641_1248045768623825_7053246892718879610_o

Photo Credit – Siraj Khan Photography

#3) A crazy click with your squad

They are the ones who tolerated you . They are the ones who loved all your trials and tribulations.So, don’t forget to click a pic.
16179210_1349399658468661_4730042621000128515_o 16179190_1349399588468668_3149706623524674030_o
Photo : Lensout Photography
#4) Bridal Ring picture
A single lovely snap of your ring.Just for the sake of admiring it Every time when you open your bridal album.
#5) First look
Take a picture, when he sees you for the first time in your Enchanting bridal look.
Photo : Vipin Photography
#6) With your pet
We love our pet more than anything. Pets been your best buddy .So, capture one with them.
Photo Credit – Artistic Affairs Inc
#7) Three generation Women pic
It’ll be really lovely to see three generation women’s. A memorable single  picture along with your mom and grandmom.
Keep making memories..!!!!
15288716_1179109988841527_8115571323294468438_o 15181191_1178883602197499_6124650944615106982_n
Photo : Shutter Memories Photography

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