Please Do Know Things For Every Brides

Well , Wedding planning would be cumbersome to tolerate.Days would be draggy, hours would be longer and so on. On the other side you would be on cloud nine expecting that ‘Once in a blue moon day’. But, drop down all your worries and get your eagle on girls.Flap up your wings and open out to space.

We are here to give you some ideas that makes your wedding plans accomplished perfectly right.

#1) Investigate about bridal makeups:

   Its very important to investigate the best makeup artists in the town. Never be reckless. You might think you can contact her before a week and get it done.But, there are days artists work round the clock and cancel some .So, make sure about the dates and fix it properly. Constantly be in touch to get the best out of them.


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#2) Have a checklist:

Prior to a week, prepare a checklist which reminds you    ‘to-do’ things.Without a checklist everything will go in vain.


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#3) Get a hair trial before:

It wont be right to get a hair trail on the previous day and mess up your hair.

It is highly recommended to get an idea abouit your hairstyle. And, how to maintain your hair before your wedding.


Photo : PhotoTantra

#4) Have a backup plan:

Some things might go wrong unexpectedly. So, always have a Plan B to execute in hardships. But, make sure nothing goes out of the hand.

#5) Learn how a saree should be draped:

Ofc, there will be a stylist to get it done.But, circumstances will arise in some cases of emergency. Therefore you ought to know about the draping thing without fail. None can help you out in this case.


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#6) Getting facial:

We know natural is realistic. But at times, we need to shine like a princess.So, try to get a facial before two weeks.So, that you can even try some skincare treatment to enrich your skintone.


Photo :Divine Photography

#7) Remember to give away prior letters to take leave:

Don’t allow your boss to regret over your recklessness.Inform about your wedding to your boss, so that he can make ways to substitute your work.Last minute confusion pisses off everyone.


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