4 Signs That Clearly Shows You’re Turning into a Bridezilla..!

The common desire of every human being is to make her big day stupendous.She plan every minute details with care from wedding card to honeymoon trip.Thats always a X-factor. Ofcourse who else won’t have that excitement?! But if you go bonkers and stress yourself and keep stressing others .Beware,you might be so called ‘Bridezilla’.


Now what’s a bridezilla means??…A bridezilla is a weird character of would be brides.They tend to piss others and scream around.They always be all at sea.Their nostrils flare out for small conversations and they are demanding,they go by idiom ‘its my highway dude’.These characteristics pop out generally a month before the big day.

Let’s see what are the signs..

#1)  If you clean swipe your card,your parents and fiancee too:

It’s obvious that you spend heedlessly for your wedding .But it should be on demand.Its necessary to put a budget and spend wisely.People mostly never remember how much you spent.Only beautiful moments stay forever.


#2)  If no one pings you:

It’s certain that you piss them off to much .You might keep on pull their leg. Don’t fret over,everything is gonna be alright.So use pleasing and kind words.


#3) If you keep talking about your wedding 24/7:

It’s amazing to look for.But that doesn’t mean that you yap about it all the day long.You should also understand that your loved ones also have something to share .So give some space for them.


#4) Backup fights:

Don’t be at loggerheads with your fiancee. He is the one going to make you feel like a princess for the next days.If you continue to fight your bond will be cut off.Patience is all what needed.


Photo credit  : Ashwin Th Clicker Photography , Studio 31

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Be a bride but not a bridezilla.! You deserve that princess tag.[/pullquote]

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