Do’s and Don’ts – The Night Before The Wedding

It’s important to take care of your skin before wedding to make the dream come true in a perfect way.Its as simple as easy to reduce stress and anxiety to have a great day ahead. Stress may lead you look gloomy ,so make sure that you Follow these basics do’s and don’ts before the night to have a clearer skin.

#1) Don’t exert your force upon the ornaments you wear.Because waking up with an ornament mark in your face ,it looks awkward sometimes.

#2)  Sleep on a higher pillow.It helps for blood circulation and reduces the chances of dark circles.

#3)  Have plenty of water.As it is common.Gorge on some coconut water and fresh juices.

#4) Don’t drink caffeine and stuffs which dehydrate.Dehydration leads to a worst case.


Photo : Anoop Padalkar Photography

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#5) Make sure you have a clean nail and looks perfect to add some layers.

#6) Sleep on a flat pillowcase.If you wake up with weird lines or sheet lines ,it looks worse.

#7) Try to avoid blueberries,black coffee and soy sauce during dinner .And avoid chewing bubblegums and mint products.

#8) Don’t use conditioner on the day of your wedding.Use of conditioner may affect your hair styles.


#9) Take some chocolates ti chuck out stress .

#10) Have a tight sleep and good thoughts.

#11)  Avoid using new creams, face packs before the night.It might lead you to skin problems later.

Above all the bride should always wear a smile to elevate her new phase of life. A smile is the best thing a girl can wear.

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