Things You’ve Heard After Your Teen Cycle – That are Really Crazy

Things that you’ve heard after your teen cycle that are really crazy..!!!

If you cross your teen age and while in your mid twenties you will be the talk of the family town .As soon as you complete your graduation, fuel will be added to the fire. Marriage becomes a great part thereafter and you keep on hearing these advices and statement that makes you cranky and creepy .


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These are the things that are so crazy and even the tone of sarcasm dint change over years.

#1) Ain’t you married still :

This is the default Set A compulsory question, which just piss us off.Yes, we aren’t married still don’t you know ūüôĀ


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#2) Attend weddings:

This is a superstitious belief sometimes.If you attend as many weddings there will be a chance of meeting new long distance relatives.So, that there will be a chance of getting hitched. This is crazy .


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#3) Follow our traditions and customs:

   One of the basic criteria.Yes, we do follow.But not at all the times.We need to showcase our professional look if needed.


#4) Do you know cooking:

From Dear yet to be brides, to -relatives. We’ll learn to cook if we get engaged. All the girls probably Know the basic cooking . Lets not remind about cooking whenever you guys see me.


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#5) Your sisters marriage will be delayed :

Ohh..Yea.We know right. Everything should happen at the right moment.If something is delayed it is happening for a cause .So, try not to blame all the elder ones for not getting hitched.


#6) Married friend:

Hey, it’s a good feel to be loved and to love someone , this is a common saying from our friend.And we be like , Dude..Please divert the topic.


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#7) Parents colleagues:

¬†¬†¬†¬† Listen my dear, your parents are so much worried about your life , Please make some decisions regarding your marriage.We would better stay neutral and shouldn’t spit any word.This is the worst situation we come across.


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#8) Street Vendor :

   Whenever they put some questions regarding our marriage when we go to buy some stuffs.We almost would drown completely .

Dear whom so ever it is concerned, Some girls are born to win.And yes, they have plans about their partner.But not as soon they finish the graduation.They want to showcase all their talents and that requires time and patience.please do understand and help us if possible.

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