Time Honoured Elegant Inspiration : Anupama Parameswaran

Looking presentable for occasions is far-reaching made this thought bonafide our beauteous “Anupama parameswaran”. Decking up not only crabs others attention it also makes you feel happy about your look. When the look is appreciated by everyone or by someone close to your heart then that makes your day delighted. Anupama a trending star today showcased her face firstly as a teenager in a famous Malayalam movie”Premam” now she is a trend inspiration for all the teenagers, commercial bazar’s in olden days used to sell products mentioning the trending heroin /hero names to make the sale higher , people used to have haircuts, customs tailored taking inspirations from movies. There used be many classics and fads in the film industry but the concept of choosing inspiration is same “BEST DRESSED “,many film artist used to get name by their dressings specially heroin’s had to always be keen on good enough look.




Replicating the famous look of film artist is always their among our common people.one such inspiration for our south Indian crowd is elegant Anupama, Her awards are getting more in number than her movies doing a great favor to us by showing variations in her elegant look, most outfits she carries can be chosen by any common women as her festive or occasion look, the style which she present is so apt for the south Indian women’s, Her looks can be adopted when you be a BRIDESMAID /SISTER FOR BRIDE /WEDDING GUEST,etc,It’s a simple and adorable look very elegant ,easy to carry and presentable.






Anupama’s floor length dresses are definitely an eye catchy fit out, you will never be over dressed following her look she is “SIMPLY ELEGANT”, This noticing look can be carried to classy parties, marriage reception, get together etc. Her choice of solid colors paired with tasteful blouse and dazzling accessories could be her trademark, stylizing her blouse with the best color of choice saree definitely will keep her look “WOW”.I must talk on her jewelry of choice is SIMPLY ADORABLE .on the whole ANUPAMA is staying as a simple elegant inspiration among SOUTH INDIAN crowd.



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