Top Garland Styles for Pre and Post Wedding Ceremonies

There are many rituals in an Indian wedding which brings the bride and bridegroom into one single bond called marriage. Based on the religion and community there are different rituals involved in weddings, but one common ritual that every community has in common is the “Exchange Of Garlands” also known popularly as “Varmala or Jaimala” ritual. This ritual emphasizes on the journey of bride and groom to accept and respect each other and travel together in every walk of  life.

Are you a Bride to be soon or a groom to be soon. For all those out there who are eagerly making arrangements for their marriage, keep in mind these few things while buying a garland.

Keep it in sink with your attire.While buying the garlands remember that it needs to be perfect with the colour of your attire.

Go Catchy with the season. Not all the flowers are readily available in the market in all times of the year. Based on the season of your wedding make sure that the flowers you want to be detailed in the garland are available in that particular season.

Make sure you like the fragrance of the garland because some might be allergic to smell of some flowers. It is always advisable to try the garland before the function so that you can cross check whether you are comfortable wearing it or else if any modifications needed can be made.

Here are few wedding garlands for your dream occasion

Roses for your big day…!

A red rose whispers of love and romance and an yellow rose resembles friendship and joy which is perfect for your occasion. Here the couple has keenly chosen their garland which is in contrast with their attire. This garland is detailed with yellow rose petals, gold ribbon and red roses.

Lost in these lotus…!

Lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. It represents strength and good luck. Similar to the lotus flower every couple should over come their hurdles in their relation and stand together with love. This garland is made of pink lotus and is perfectly blended with the couple’s attire.

Keeping it simple with Tulasi…!

Tulasi is one of the sacred plant in our country. It represents purity. This couple kept their garland simple and classy with the tulasi leaves.

Jasmine Nets…!

Jasmine symbolises blessings. These days jasmine nets are widely used in garlands. Here are few    attractive jasmine netted garlands.

These garlands are made up of rose petals and detailed with jasmine nets.

Tuberose Garlands…!

 There are many people who are fond of the fragrance of tuberose flowers. Tuberose is a symbol of peace and harmony. So one should include tuberose in their garlands in one or the other way. Here the garland is detailed with green leaves, gold ribbon and tuberose flowers.

Orchid Flower Garlands…!

This purple orchid garland gives a charming and elegant look to your wedding.These orchids are available in different colours,one can buy an appropriate orchid garland based on their attire.



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