Rythm Of Love : Wedding Engagement Story of Sindhu & Venkatesan

Sindhu Bhavani J | Venkatesan (a) Dinesh C, who flew Malaysia all the way from Chennai for their Masters Degree had no idea that they would meet their soulmates. I (The Bride) met this good supportive guy in the college campus, who looked nothing like, he would be for the rest of my life. We both had been best-friends ever since the first day, strange isn’t it? Well getting engaged din’t hit me until this charming guy was loved by my entire family. Both the families accepted each other sooo very much that they had the belief on us and they gladly took a step ahead for the new journey.

The process started like a war and all of a sudden immediately the engagement dates were fixed (9.5.2016) and I still can’t believe that I’m engaged to my best friend. My parents  and brother is my biggest support and they completely made the day extra special for us.

Brother being in Dubai, The Engagement was completely planned and supervised by me and my dad. We had one month to plan for the engagement and I listed all the works that has to be done and eventually everything fell on place.

The invitations were got from Olympic Cards, I was very confident that the invite has to be more traditional that we ended up chosing the design of  the marriage scene of Lord Shiva and Parvati. I personally loved it as I completely believe in God.

The venue was booked in Vadapalani and decors were taken care by the hall incharges. The catering  was done by Chakravarthy Caterers, and everyone complimented us for the food and it was loved by each and every guests.

And the simple, yet elegant blue saree of mine and my mother was from Nalli 100. The gorgeous, rich orange, peacock motif engagement saree was from the pioneers of silk, the Sundari Silks. It was got to me by my dearest bestfriend now fiancee and the saree received tons and tons of compliments.  The groom outfit was got from Basics Life, just the day before engagement and he completely rocked it with simple and stylish manners (i had to agree it guys :P).

The makeup was done by Naturals Lounge and the team did a wonderful job. The photography was done by Dina Studios and most of the candids were captured by my best friend Harish Kannah and my brother’s best friend Madhan Kumar. I owe you all for freezing the best memories of our life. I can’t thank enough to my girls who completely handled the nervousness of mine. And I’m seriously not gonna get married with you darlings.

Getting engaged has been about much more than the engagement itself. Being engaged to my best friend feels like an icing on the cake. The rush of love from friends and family and the support from all of them has been overwhelming. The love being poured into the next step of our relationship is incredible and I’m grateful. Thank you Ezwed for sharing our engagement story.

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