Why should Brides have all the Fun?

Okay, so maybe the title is a little misleading. We all know that wedding planning is as stressful as it is fun. And the grooms have it easy. It’s the bride who is usually much more interested and invested in how the whole thing turns out. It’s a stupid gender stereotype that women dream of their wedding from birth and want to plan everything themselves and the groom’s only responsibility is to show up on time.

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In truth, brides don’t want to plan alone and they’d be more than happy to have some assistance and have you show them you actually care about stuff. The key is knowing when to have an opinion, when to help and when to walk away. So grooms, this is for you:

  • Don’t leave your bride-to-be with all the details, even if she “lets” you. Be involved, take initiative, and ensure that your engagement is a time of love, joy, and reflection rather than stressful fighting because you aren’t doing your part.


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  • From bridal outfits, to invitations, to decor/themes, to photographers, there are a number of things that brides typically handle themselves. She’s faced with so many choices it can be rather overwhelming, and sometimes she just needs a simple vote to push her to one side of a decision or another. She doesn’t want to hear you say “I have no preference, do whatever you want.”  So give her peace of mind by picking whatever option you feel a slight preference for.


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  • Wedding planning is a team effort, and it’s important to remember that your opinions matter as well as hers. Even if she wants to take control of the entire process, your help will alleviate some of the pressure and stress while simultaneously giving you the chance to add touches of your personality and creativity into the wedding day. Remember that it’s your wedding too, meaning that you should be able to share your input and ideas, but also share some of the responsibilities of planning the big day.


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